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Probes with Full Diamond tips

Probes with Full Diamond tips

Probes with Full Diamond tips

The best AFM tips for both routine and special measurements at the reasonable price! 

Unique probes with Single Crystal Full Diamond tip for topography measurements. A very sharp diamond tip (< 10nm) due to its highly resistance to mechanical destructions can be used for any measurements and keeps the sharpness during the whole working day and more! The probes enable highly repeatable high resolution operation to ensure you consistently get the best possible data from your system.

Diamond tips are less sensitive to static charges on sample’s surface. That results in easy approach and more detailed topography imaging in comparison with Si cantilevers in the same conditions. Due to the hydrophobic surface the diamond tip doesn't get dirty while scanning samples (biological etc.). 

Available probe series:

HA_NC/FD:  Nominal values: force constant - 3.5 N/m, resonance frequency – 140 kHz.

HA_C/FD: Nominal values: force constant - 0.26 N/m, resonance frequency – 19 kHz.

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