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Cantilevers with Single Crystal Diamond Tip

Cantilevers with Single Crystal Diamond Tip

Cantilevers with Single Crystal Diamond Tip

TipsNano Company would like to announce a New Unique product - Probes with Single Crystal Diamond Tip for topography and electrical measurements. The probes are highly resistant to mechanical destructions and keep their sharpness during the whole working day and more!

Using these probes you don’t need to choose between performance, lifetime and price anymore. Diamond manufacturing technology provides both sharp and wear-resistant, high quality AFM probes at a realistic price.

The main probe advantages:

  • High Resolution Diamond Tip – typical tip radius 7nm for both topography and electrical measurements.

  • Endurance of Diamond - at least 10x Lifetime of Silicon.

  • Standard AFM chip size.

Sharp, single crystal diamond AFM probes give the AFM user all the known benefits of hard diamond, with no compromise on image resolution.

Now we offer you two probe types:

DRP30 (Diamond Regular Probes) - Long Lasting Sharp Diamond Probes for topography imaging. These probes enable highly repeatable high resolution operation to ensure you consistently get the best possible data from your system. Nominal values: force constant - 40 N/m, resonance frequency – 180 kHz.

DEP01 (Diamond Electrical Probes)– Highly Conductive Long Lasting Sharp Diamond Probes formed by a unique patented process ensure the best possible wear and electrical performance. These tips are sharper and last longer than any other electrical AFM probe. Nominal values: force constant – 2.8 N/m, resonance frequency – 75 kHz. Detailed specification:

Upon customers' request the next options are available:

  • super sharp probes with typical curvature radius 2nm;

  • probes with another lever specification;

  • probes with individually characterized spring constant and tip radius to enable fully quantitative nanomechanical measurements.

In case of any questions, please, contact us by e-mail:
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