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Product Description

Calibration grating TGZ3 for Z-axis calibration (step height 520 ± 3 nm) and nonlinearity measurements.


Step height is the average meaning based on the measurements of 5 gratings with the same height (from the batch of 300 gratings) by AFM calibrated wih help of PTB certified grating TGZ3. Basic step height can vary from the specified one within ±15 % depending on the batch (for example TGZ3 grating can have step height 580±3 nm).
AFM image of TGZ3 grating (step height 520nm).

General Features

Structure step - SiO2, bottom - Si
Pattern type 2-Dimensional
Period 3±0,05 µm
Height 520±3 nm*
Chip size 5x5x0,5 mm
Effective area central square 3x3 mm

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