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Product Description

Set of 15 High Resolution long lifetime magnetic probes.

MFMSET/15 consists of:
MFM01 - 10 probes
MFM_LM - 5 probes.

Set is intended for MFM measurements of different magnetic samples to find the best probes parameters for better imaging.

Due to special defensive layers which prevent the ferromagnetic tip coating from oxidizing, all MFM probes have a long shelf life, and the small tip curvature radius enables you to obtain good high resolution images.

Resonant Frequency:
MFM01, MFM_LM - 70 kHz (guaranteed range 47-90kHz),

Force Constant:
MFM01, MFM_LM  - 3 N/m (guaranteed range 1-5 N/m). 

Detailed specification see using the links: MFM01, MFM_LM.

Cantilevers has Al reflective side coating to increase laser signal.

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