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Product Description

Grating set TGSFull+ consists of 8 calibration gratings: TGZ1, TGZ2, TGZ3, TGT1, TGQ1, TGG1, TGX1, TDG01.

Grating set TGSFull+ can be used for:
  • SPM simultaneuos calibration in X, Y and Z directions;
  • submicron SPM calibration in X or Y direction;
  • lateral and vertical calibration;
  • detection of lateral non-linearity;
  • detection of hysteresis, creep, and cross-coupling effects;
  • detection of angular distortion;
  • for 3-D visualization of the scanning tip;
  • determination of tip sharpness parameters (aspect ratio and curvature radius), tip degradation and contamination control.
Click on the grating name below to see detailed specification.
TGZ1 - for Z-axis calibration (step height 20,0±1.5 nm) and nonlinearity measurements
TGZ2 - for Z-axis calibration (step height 110,0±2 nm) and nonlinearity measurements
TGZ3 - for Z-axis calibration (step height 520 ± 3 nm) and nonlinearity measurements
TGX1 - for lateral scanner calibration, detection of lateral non-linearity, hysteresis, creep, and cross-coupling effects, determination of the tip sharpness.
TGG1 - for AFM calibration in X or Y axis, detection of lateral and vertical scanner nonlinearity, tip sharpness characterization.
TGT1 - for tip shape and sharpness estimation, for image deconvolution and contamination control.
TGQ1 - for simultenious calibration in X,Y,Z directions. Step height 20±1.5nm.
TDG01 - for AFM submicron calibration in the X or Y direction. Period is 278nm.

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