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Product Description

Grating set TGS1 (consists of three gratings TGZ1, TGZ2, TGZ3) can be ordered with PTB traceable certificate.
The gratings TGS1_PTB are measured on the AFM which has been preliminary calibrated using the PTB certified grating set TGS1.
Step heights: 20±1.5nm, 110±2nm,  520±3nm.
In comparision with TGS1 grating set you will have height meanings with lower uncertainties that will help to obtained more reliable scans of the scanned objects.

General Features

Structure step - SiO2, bottom - Si
Pattern type 2 - Dimensional
Period 3±0,05 µm
Chip size 5x5x0,5 mm
Effective area central square 3x3 mm

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