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NSG03n/Pt NSG03n/Pt


Set of 15 cantilevers
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Set of 50 cantilevers
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Product Description

Noncontact/Semicontact Conductive Probes NSG10n/Pt series with Pt tip coating.
Resonant frequency 62-123 kHz, force constant 0,4-2,7 N/m.
Cantilever has Au reflective side coating to increase laser signal.

Probes are packed in boxes with 15 and 50 pieces.

General Features

Material Single Crystal Silicon
Chip size 3.6×1.6×0.4mm
Reflective side coating Au
Tip coating Pt
Tip curvature radius ~ 40 nm

Special Features

Cantilever series Cantilever length, L±5µm Cantilever width, W±5µm Cantilever thickness, T±0.3µm Resonant frequency, kHz Force constant, N/m
min typical max min typical max
NSG03n/Pt 100 35 1.2 62 92 123 0.4 1.5 2.7

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