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Set of 10 cantilevers
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Product Description

Super Sharp High Resolution Silicon AFM Cantilevers NSG30_SS series are designed for Semicontact ( Intermittent ), Noncontact applications. Typical Resonant Frequency 320 kHz (guaranteed range 240-440 kHz), Typical Force Constant 40 N/m (guaranteed range 22-100 N/m). Typical tip curvature radius is 2nm.

Using the probes with sharpened tips you will be able to increase resolution of the obtained images especially on objects with typical sizes of several nanometers.

Cantilever has Al reflective side coating to increase laser signal.
Probes are packed in boxes with 5 pieces.

General Features

Material Single Crystal Silicon, N-type, 0.01-0.025 Ohm-cm, Antimony doped
Chip size 3.4x1.6x0.3mm
Reflective side coating Al
Tip coating No
Tip curvature radius typical 2nm, guaranteed 5nm

Special Features

Cantilever series Cantilever length, L±10µm Cantilever width, W±7.5µm Cantilever thickness, T±1µm Resonant frequency, kHz Force constant, N/m
min typical max min typical max
NSG30_SS 125 30 4.0 240 320 440 22 40 100

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