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Set of 5 Whisker tips with inclination angle 20 degrees
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Set of 5 Whisker tips with inclination angle 10 degrees.
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Product Description

Whisker Type High Aspect Ration Silicon AFM Cantilevers NSC05 series for Semicontact ( Intermittent ), Noncontact applications. Typical Resonant Frequency 240 kHz (guaranteed range 140-390kHz), Typical Force Constant 11.8 N/m (guaranteed range 3,1-37,6N/m). Cantilever has Au reflective side coating to increase laser signal.

Whisker probe is an indispensable instrument for studying surfaces of unusual profile with narrow gaps. Standard cantilevers fail to investigate such objects with the necessary precision.

Whisker probes differ from any standard ones by having long slim "whisker" at the very end of the tip. It is possible “whisker” to be grown at any angle to the silicon tip axis for being perpendicular to the investigated surface.

As standard product we offer two variants of inclination angle - 10 and 20 degrees. At customer's request any angle can be grown.

Probes are packed in boxes with 5 pieces.

General Features

Whisker Material Carbon Modification
Aspect Ratio 10:1
Whisker length 1±0.2 µm
Material Single Crystal Silicon, N-type, 0.01-0.025 Ohm-cm, Antimony doped
Chip size 3.4x1.6x0.3mm
Reflective side coating Au
Tip coating No
Tip curvature radius < 10nm

Special Features

Cantilever series Cantilever length, L±10µm Cantilever width, W±5µm Cantilever thickness, T±0.5µm Resonant frequency, kHz Force constant, N/m
min typical max min typical max
NSC05 95 30 2.0 140 240 390 3.1 11.8 37.6

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