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Set of 5 cantilevers
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Product Description

Diamond coated Noncontact Conductive Silicon AFM Cantilevers DCP30 series, resonant frequency 280-510kHz, force constant 40-142N/m.
Diamond coated probes are the best for any kind of long-term measurement. Stable and nondestructive, wear resistant probes with diamond coating allow you to make as many images as you want.  
DCP30 probes show high operation stability with outstanding sensitivity and fast scanning ability.
Cantilever has Al reflective coating.
Probes are packed in boxes with 5 pieces.

General Features

Material Single Crystal Silicon with Diamond Coating
Chip size 3.4x1.6x0.3mm
Reflective side coating Al
Tip coating Diamond coating, boron doped, resistivity 0.003-0.005 Ohm*cm
Tip curvature radius 100-200 nm

Special Features

Cantilever series Cantilever length, L±10µm Cantilever width, W±7.5µm Cantilever thickness, T±1.0µm Resonant frequency, kHz Force constant, N/m
min typical max min typical max
DCP30 125 30 4.0 280 400 510 40 80 142

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