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September offer

September offer

September offer

We would like to inform you that  in September 2018 you can order most types of standard conductive cantilevers with15% discount. Order a box with 15 or 50 cantilevers and get probes at a good price!

The probes with both sides coated are available for operating in any electrical AFM modes (C-AFM, PFM, EFM, SKM, KPFM, SSRM on polymers):

15% OFF 15- and 50-chip boxes with conductive probes 

 in September 2018!

The probe series involved:

 - Pt coated cantilevers:

 - Au coated conductive cantilevers:

Click the probe series name to find the detailed probe specification.

Choose all necessary probes for your work, follow our accessories news, use different discount programs and save money ordering probes from TipsNano!


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