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February offer

February offer

February offer

We would like to announce the possibility to order magnetic probes MFM01 and  MFM_LM  with 10% discount in February 2019.

These probes allow to carry out ordinary magnetic measurements (MFM01) and the measurements with special requirements such as imaging low coercive magnetic samples (MFM_LM) with high accuracy and resolution to 20-30nm. Special protective layer helps to avoid oxidation and increase the cantilevers' lifetime significantly.

10% OFF magnetic probes 

 in February 2019!

TipsNano MFM probes provide such advantages as:
  1. Stability and durability of properties.
  2. Magnetic resolution up to 20-30nm.
  3. Variety of applications.
  4. Guaranteed cantilevers’ lifetime is 1 year.

Detailed specifications:

Choose all necessary probes for your work, follow our accessories news, use different discount programs and save money ordering probes from TipsNano!


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