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Product Description

High Resolution AFM Cantilevers HA_C/W2C+ series are designed for Contact, Lateral Force and electrical applications. 

Hard and stable coating provides long time perfomance in all electrical modes. Specially doped W2C+ coating allows to avoid probes from oxidation, extends probe lifetime and makes it possible to operate at high-humidity conditions. 

Each probe has 2 rectangular cantilevers. Typical Resonant Frequency 37kHz / 19kHz (dispersion ±10%). Typical Force Constant 0.65N/m / 0.26N/m (dispersion ±20%). Cantilever has Au reflective and W2C tip side coatings. Probes are also available with no tip coating.

Probes are packed in boxes with 15 and 50 pieces. Amount discount is included in the package price.

High Accuracy composite ETALON probes combine the main features allowing to obtain high quality AFM images:
• Sharp tip - curvature radius < 10 nm.
• Resonance frequency, specified with high accuracy - ±10% within a wafer.
• Special chip geometry with vertical sidewalls for convenient operating.
• High aspect ratio tip.
• Enhanced back-side reflection of the cantilever.
• Cost effective price.

General Features

Material Polysilicon cantilever, silicon tip
Chip size 3.6x1.6x0.4mm
Reflective side coating Au
Tip coating W2C
Tip curvature radius < 35nm
Available tip coatings Au, Pt

Special Features

Cantilever series Cantilever Cantilever length, L±2µm Cantilever width, W±3µm Cantilever thickness, T±0.15µm Resonant frequency, kHz Force constant, N/m
min typical max min typical max
HA_C/W2C A 264 34 1.85 33 37 42 0.5 0.65 0.8
B 364 34 1.85 16 19 22 0.2 0.26 0.32

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